Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ajumma's Black (and Blue) List

I'm irritated by people who wear fur. I'm also bugged by companies that give furs to celebrities for free. It's the year 2007, and there is no excuse for animals to be slaughtered in the name of fashion. Here is a growing list of celebrities that deserve to be hung by their eyelids for wearing, promoting, and/or using fur in their clothing lines:
13. Celine Dion
12. Sharon Stone (does she even qualify as a celebrity?)
11. Goldie Hawn
10. Sarah Jessica Parker
9. Zhang Ziyi
8. Angelina Jolie (too busy adopting kids & pimping Shiseido to think about animal rights)
7. Eva Mendes (She now supposedly poses for PETA. What gives?!)
6. Rihanna (I'm sad, because I liked you, girl!)
5. Kid Rock
4. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
3. Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Sean John/the guy who butchered "Every Breath You Take"
2. Beyonce Knowles
1. J. Ho