Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who are my people?

  • People who know the cruelty of factory farms and other “luxury” foods like veal and foie gras, and choose not support them
  • People who make the extra effort to purchase non-animal tested products
  • People who use their turn signals
  • Asian Americans who grew up in the States
  • Koreans, especially middle-class or down on their luck folks trying to get ahead
  • Minnesotans and most other Midwesterners (except Packers fans)
  • Lutherans
  • Scandinavian and German Americans
  • People who spent summers at the lake
  • People with good senses of direction
  • People who enter a space and immediately start redecorating it in their mind
  • Homely Asian women
  • People with terrible skin
  • Binge eaters
  • Non-smokers
  • People who are called fat by Asians
  • People who have outspoken mother-in-laws
  • People who are good with plants
  • People who respect and are compassionate to animals
  • People who see black, white, and a large amount of gray
Who are your people?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

If Eliza were my friend...

Selfie is still on my brain. The finale of the canceled ABC comedy series (sadly) aired on Hulu on December 30, 2014.  As I watched the awkward romance bloom (kind of) between colleagues Eliza Dooley (wonderfully played by Scot, Karen Gillan) and Henry Higgs (portrayed by John Cho) I wondered why the heck Eliza would pursue Henry in the first place.  Henry, a marketing representative in Pharmaceuticals, is basically John Cho's character Harold Lee (from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, one of my favorite movies ever) with several more layers of intensity and arrogance.  If Eliza were my friend (which right there is a problem since the show quickly established that self-absorbed Eliza had no real friends) I'd point out how Henry continually made her cry with his abrupt, reprimanding style.  My mantra is if a person causes you frequent tears before you are even dating, that is a red flag.  Plus Henry is practically incapable of having fun (though it is in him as we saw at the Blues Traveler concert) and his composure is so stiff (though he's got nicer shoulders than his rival Freddy.  Did anyone else notice that?).  I'd tell Eliza she could do better.  Maybe not her current Adonis boyfriend Freddy, but definitely not her arrogant, curmudgeon coworker Henry.  Sorry, Higgs.

Photo by Bob D'Amico via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Selfie's Mr. Saperstein

Heart Pad Bowls @ West Elm

I've got a real thing for hearts.  I love pink and red color combinations.  It's the most girly thing about me.  I told my husband for my February birthday I'd like these porcelain heart bowls from West Elm and a red velvet cake from Paris Baguette.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Bobby Lee - "You are scientist. I am scientist."

A few weeks ago I was given a workplace credit card to purchase office supplies.  I hadn't even used it yet when I learned it had already been hacked.  Someone used its numbers to try to charge $5000 to a hotel in Michigan.  I BLAME NORTH KOREA!

We won't be seeing Franco and Rogen's The Interview anytime soon but we can always watch Bobby Lee's classic clip as a North Korean scientist (and Kim Jong Il) from MadTV.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jessica Gomes and her eyelids

It is insane to look at swimsuit model Jessica Gomes and focus on her eyelids. I know this, and yet I am fascinated and excited that Jessica Gomes has single-fold eyelids.  I'd be willing to bet if she was a model in Asia (definitely in South Korea) she would have been asked a dozens of times over to get eyelid surgery by now.  Yet, the Australian is a successful model and covergirl so take that fake alien-eye obsessed Koreans with your narrow standards of female beauty!

Have you ever noticed that non-Asian people recognize that Asian eyes are different than their own, but have no idea about single vs. double fold eyelids?  Most of them blissfully are unaware differences like this even exist.  A Mexican friend was trying to describe the different between my eyes (small, moon shaped eyes with single fold eyelids) and those of my husband (huge eyes with deep, full eyelids upon which if he wore eye shadow you could unload an entire Sephora store).  My friend kept saying to me, "Your eyes go sideways more." I shut her down.  What she should have said was, "Your eyes are like happy moons when you smile."

To see more than just Jessica Gomes' eyebrows, watch her and Steven Yeun go on a date for CAPE's I AM Campaign.

Photos via CelebMafia and Zimbio

I'm sold: Tom Hiddleton for Jaguar

Move over, Clive.  There's a new Brit in town whose style and delivery is selling to the fast and furious...and the very rich.  Whereas Clive Owen played the hero for BMW, Tom Hiddleston shows how it's so good to be bad for Jaguar

Previously on The Pad

Photos via Motorward and Hollywood Reporter

California Lottery holiday commercial

This is one of my favorite commercials of all time.  I love the pacing, the use of lighting, and the music.  The people in the ad don't talk but their expression speak volumes.  Whenever it's on TV I stop and watch it all the way through.  I wish California would do a version of this ad with the same music featuring a family walking through their local animal shelter.  They'd encounter a pet in need and add adopt it in time for the holidays.  Cue my heart melting.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hipster Guinea Pigs

Photos by Dutch artist Megan van der Elst.  I feel like these three adorable piggies are in line at a Mac store or a coffee shop. ☕

See more of adorable Booboo and Friends on Megan's site.

Star Wars Vans

In the words of Twin Peaks Leo Johnson, new shoes!  I wanted the charming hibiscus flower Yoda Vans, but ended up buying the far less subtle A New Hope slip-ons because they came in my size.  See more Star Wars Vans!