Friday, July 25, 2014

Berries in the AM

My husband cut up strawberries this morning.  I thought they looked like cute, edible hearts.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

If you want breakfast in bed

I saw this witty sign while shopping today.  It appealed to the crabby old lady in me.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The very best of National Lampoon's Vacation soundtrack

In the summer of 1984, my family along with my favorite cousin and his parents embarked on a cross-country road trip from Minnesota to Arizona.  Our paths mirrored that of the Griswolds on their infamous journey from Illinois to California in the 1983 movie, National Lampoon's Vacation.  Packed into our station wagons, we saw corn fields!  We saw The Rockies!  We saw mesas! Fortunately we did not see anyone like Aunt Edna or Cousin Eddie.  Unfortunately for my dad, he did not see anyone like Christie Brinkley. 

 As a tribute to the ultimate summer road trip movie, here are my favorite tunes from National Lampoon's Vacation:

1) Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham

 2) Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones

3) Little Boy Sweet by June Pointer

4) Dancing Across the U.S.A. by Lindsey Buckingham

National Lampoon's Vacation, starring Chevy Chase, was written by 1980s legend John Hughes and directed by brainy Ghostbuster, Harold Ramis.   

Photos via Big Pond Movies, Scientific American, ReMINDers, Save Colusses.  Thanks to MatthewSullivan83.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Margaret Cho, flaming idol

FlamingIdols suggests using this Margaret Cho glass candle votive on your gay altar.  If comedian Cho isn't your style, they also sell candles featuring Dolly Parton, Ricky Martin, and Bayard Rustin.

Top Tacos by Libby Vanderploeg

I'm quite taken by this vibrant illustration by Brooklyn artist Libby Vanderploeg.

THE GRUDGE as performed by animated bunnies

The Grudge is one of my favorite scary movies.  I never thought I'd see it condensed and performed by animated bunnies.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

♥ Comfy tee alert ♥

I snagged this colorful tee at Matrushka Construction on the 4th of July.  I'm thankful they were open for business. 

¡ Viva eloté !

A husband-wife team rolls a cart through my neighborhood.  Honking a clown horn, they announce their sale of raspados (shaved ice), chicharrones (those airy wheel chips flavored with chili sauce and lime juice) and my favorite, eloté (grilled or boiled corn on a stick, and in this case served with mayo, queso, cayenne pepper, and butter).  My first memory of eloté is from the 2006 Jack Black movie Nacho Libre. Nacho's sidekick Esqueleto was often seen with a stick of slathered corn in his hand and queso-covered lips.  As a fan of corn, I wondered how I could get my hands on that treat.

Learn more!  Eloté photo courtesy of, Esqueleto via Mouthy Mag, Nacho & Esqueleto by Cheyenne, mixed media corn handmade by Jessica, and gift via Dinner from a Movie

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Do you know this child?

Power in positivity

My husband once told me I was the most negative person he had ever met.  I found this amusing because he is the most pessimistic person I have ever encountered in my lifetime.

For about the past year, I've been trying to incorporate positive thinking into daily life.  It's been extremely challenging and I fail frequently. This weekend, I'm focusing on letting issues go. 

Clarification: Positive thinking is difficult on a daily basis precisely because of my evening commute which sucks balls. If it's not the person on the freeway letting everybody and their brother in front of them, it's the clueless Lexus or Mercedes Benz driver in Little Saigon driving 5 miles per hour.   Must. Let. It. Go.