Sunday, October 28, 2007

Clones Vol. 2: Daniel Henney & Edison Chen

Seeing double? American Daniel Henney (top, age 28) has been modeling and doing commericals in the Far East for a few years, but shot to stardom in 2005 as the doctor-boyfriend in the Korean drama, "My Name is Kim Sam Soon." Most recently Daniel starred as a Korean adoptee who finds that his birth father is on death row in the feature film, "My Father."

Canuck Edison Chen (bottom, age 27) is a fixture on the Hong Kong movie scene, who also models, sings, and is a founder of the unfortunately named HK streetwear company CLOT. Last year American audiences saw Edison in the horror film, "Grudge 2."

What more do these two fellows share in common? Both have biracial backgrounds; Daniel is half Korean-half white and Edison is half Chinese-half Macanese.

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