Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Best Police Chase EVER

It's been two years and I'm still fondly reminiscing about this one.


11:40 a.m. April 5, 2005

ROSEMEAD – A man erratically driving a white car – with what looked like a purple cape billowing from the driver's side window – led authorities on a freeway chase in the San Gabriel Valley that ended in Dana Point on Tuesday.

The chase reportedly began on the San Bernardino Freeway, also known as Interstate 10, eventually leading to the San Gabriel Freeway and onto southbound Interstate 5.

The man was seen partially outside the moving vehicle. At various times, the driver reportedly had taken both hands off the steering wheel. He waved and blew kisses at helicopters circling above. The chase began after police were sent this morning to an El Monte home to investigate a disturbance call.

The chase ended when the man left the highway and began driving on surface streets in the San Juan Capistrano area on southbound Camino Capistrano. The suspect pulled into a parking lot in Dana Point and was taken into custody without incident.

[When they say "without incident," they mean that the driver was doused in pepper spray, shot with bean bags, and then tackled into submission by the cops. He was then dragged off to a hospital for detox and observation.

Driver, San Taing, made an otherwise boring day in 2005 a very exciting one. It should be noted that even in a drug-induced state while driving with his feet, he drove better than 99% of Californians. And keep in mind that 100 MPH is like standing still in California.

See the exhilarating video of the caped crusader, here.