Friday, December 7, 2007

These Korean celebs want you to adopt an orphan...

If you're Korean, that is! But I'd bet my left arm that none of these celebrities would ever adopt an orphan, unless it was at gunpoint. In Korea, raising a child separate from ones own bloodline is as popular an idea as eating your own offspring or sleeping with your grandma. Still, the South Korean government is trying to stem the tide of overseas adoptions by encouraging domestic adoptions with their "Letters from the Angels" campaign. Above is campaign participant, Jang Hyuk, who stars in Ajumma's favorite movie, "Windstruck." Below is Korean drama star, Yun Eun-Hye. (Her stick arms snapped off immediately after the photo was taken, by the way.)

Did you know that the Korean government has no problem adopting to couples who smoke, but refuses adoption to couples who are fat? True fact. I'm sure Korea wanted to include a ban on ugly couples, too.