Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's amazing what a nose job can do...

Patrick Dempsey is living out a real-life fairy tale! The star of the #1 box office movie "Enchanted" and TV series "Grey's Anatomy" has officially made the transition from ugly duckling to Prince Charming. You'll remember Dempsey as nerdy, yet spunky Ronald in the 1987 flick, "Can't Buy Me Love," in which he paid the school's head cheerleader to act as his girlfriend in hopes of breaking into the popular crowd. Dempsey was funny and heartbreaking as Ronald, but was a hard sell as a leading man. His career fizzled after the movie's release when 21 year old Patrick married his agent, who was 26 years his senior.

Flash forward 20 years to Dempsey stepping out with a new nose and a new wife, and you've got a leading role in "Grey's Anatomy" and People Magazine as the #2 Sexiest Man Alive. (For the record, I miss his old nose. It gave him character, which is apparently is a deficit in Hollywood.) Not a day must go by when Dempsey doesn't pinch himself to make sure he's not dreaming.