Monday, December 17, 2007

Scariest Man in Entertainment

I have officially been spooked. After decades of being enthralled with ghost movies and twisted tales of irony, my skin almost crawled off without me this weekend as I watched the Cohen Brother's newest film, "No Country for Old Men." Javier Bardem, best known for his roles in Spanish film and for his fling with Penelope Cruz, was insanely scary as the killer Anton Chigurh. Who knew an oxygen tank could be so terrifying? My fight or flight instincts kicked in about 4 times during the movie as I watched Bardem close in on Josh Brolin's character. If Christian Bale wants to know how a pyschopath is effectively protrayed, he should see Bardem at work in "No Country for Old Men."

On a lighter note, here is Javi partying it up with the ladies.