Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When Larry became Lana

The Wachowski Brothers are known throughout Hollywood for creating "The Matrix" series, and directing movies "Bound", and "V for Vendetta." Here's something interesting about the famous brothers: Larry Wachowski has undergone the lengthy process of changing his sex, and now lives as Lana. The siblings now go by "The Wachowskis" and are currently rapping up the live-action version of "Speed Racer." Word on the street is that Lana may take a back seat while promoting "Speed Racer" because their studio isn't sure whether her sex change will offend fans. Something tells me fans who are into "Speed Racer" aren't high-falootin' Bible banging Christians, but I've been wrong before. Regardless, kudos to Lana for having the guts to take the bull by the horns, and to live her life as she sees fit.