Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bad hair day got you down?

In East Asia, hair and horror movies go together like cops and donuts. If you've got a killer female ghost on your hands, she'll most likely be rocking a head of 4-foot long tangled black hair. My favorite in the genre is Korea's Wig (2005), which follows the transformation of a cancer patient after her sister gives her a possessed wig. So I was none too surprised to hear about Exte, the new Japanese flick about killer hair extensions. Exte stars Battle Royale/Kill Bill actress, Chiaki Kuriyama. says, "If you are grossed out by hair in drains or other places, this film will unnerve you." I say if you are NOT grossed out by hair in drains and other places, there is something wrong with you.

See the Exte movie trailer here.