Friday, January 18, 2008

Jet Li tops star income list in 2007

BEIJING -- Chinese kung fu actor Jet Li made the most money in 2007 among China's entertainment elite, totaling some 465 million yuan, or around US$62 million, as listed by Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post on Wednesday. It was the third year that the newspaper made a through calculation of stars' annual income based on their media coverage.

The 44-year-old actor starred in three films in 2007, "The Warlords", "The Forbidden Kingdom" and "The Mummy 3." His salary from "The Warlords" alone was 100 million yuan. A sharp rise as he got only one yuan for his debut film "The Shaolin Temple" 27 years ago! Following him was another action star, Jackie Chan with the total pool of about 428 million yuan.
Hong Kong pop king Jackie Cheung ranked first among the singers, thanks to his 2007 world tour show, which presented altogether 75 concerts. Malaysia-born Chinese ethnic actress Michelle Yeoh was the richest female star of the past year, raking in an annual income of 80 million yuan. She was at seventh spot.

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