Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Onigiri and inari: YUMMY

Let's talk rice, people! A common snack in Japan and Korea is onigiri, which is plain rice shaped like a triangle covered with dried seaweed. Onigiri comes in different variations, but common ones have salmon, tuna, or pickled veggies inside. For people on the run, grabbing pre-wrapped triangles from the corner convenience store can be very satisfying. The good news for Americans is that you can easily make onigiri at home.

Next up is inari, which is sushi rice stuffed into little fried tofu pouches. Some inari is served with bonito flakes and other garnish mixed into the rice. I like mine sprinkled with dried seaweed and sesame seeds. To be frank, inari has always reminded Ajumma of rice-stuffed testicles. But boy are inari delicious! May I suggest buying pre-packaged tofu pouches at your local Asian grocery and making inari at home? Just remember to gently rinse the tofu before adding the rice.