Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some f*ckers get all the skills

It always blows my mind (with envy) when I discover someone famous for talent in one area is also a gifted visual artist. Case in point, Linkin Park musican/rapper Mike Shinoda. Speaking on his role as an artist, Shinoda says:

I’m always trying to break out of and do something new. I think a lot of creative people are always looking for that one pure creative idea that they can say, “That is 100 percent original and 100 percent mine and I finally did it.” And we keep working until we get those things. And there’s a sense of artistic dissatisfaction that comes with the territory. We’re always…I mean we’re self-deprecating and we’re perfectionists because we look at what we’re doing and we always think we can make it a little bit better.

Shinoda's multimedia work will be exhibited at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, California from July 12-August 3.

Artwork courtesy of Mike Shinoda's site
Who doesn't love skateboarding legend Steve Caballero? Not only is the 80's skater still ripping but he's also painting cool stuff on the side. Cab's work is included in the upcoming SK8OLOGY show opening on August 23 at the ISM Gallery in Long Beach, California.
I've always wondered whether Caballero is part Asian. Cab's 80's Powell Peralta boards featured winged dragons which led me to believe he's Filipino or of some Asian decent. I have since learned Cab was born in the year of the dragon, so that leaves it all up in the air. Photos courtesy of Steve's blog.