Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something wicked this way comes...

Ajumma's coworker Josh reports that Target's doing a big
Domo-kun promotion, this year, for Halloween.

Halloween or not, I need these teeth.
(Update: My husband forbid me from buying the teeth.)

Mini Domo-kun plush dolls

And you thought Peeps were creepy! Marshmellow Domos.

Last Halloween I was home alone when I heard a huge crash against my house. Sure I was being vandalized, I opened the front door to find a werewolf sprawled out on my front porch and candy everywhere. It turns out the 13 year old inside the costume couldn't see out of his rubber mask and wiped out on my sidewalk. He was shellshocked. I handed him extra candy and begged, "Please don't sue us."