Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obamas to adopt

Michelle Obama recently told Entertainment Tonight that her family will adopt a dog from an animal rescue after November 4. Ms. Obama said because of the presidential campaign her family currently does not have time to devote to a dog. After the election she assures the public they'll adopt from a rescue rather than a breeder or pet store. Earlier Ms. Obama suggested they'd be buying a Goldendoodle since the breed doesn't have dander like most dogs. PETA and various rescue groups spoke out against supporting breeders, mills and pet stores. Not to be stubborn and ignorant for ignorance's sake like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce, the Obamas educated themselves on the issue and changed their minds.

I am happy Barack Obama and his famly intend to adopt from a rescue, but think they should visit their local shelter, too. Shelters have many lovely dogs, like Ajumma's personal favorite, Monte.