Sunday, February 15, 2009

Double Ds

The cute gal above with the strawberry head is Dalki. She's a Korean cartoon character, who according to her website, is also a fashion icon. Her monochromatic green dress is so fashionable. Also according to Dalki's site, she possesses the powers of telepathy and "gets absorbed to heroin" in cartoons and movies. I'm fairly certain they mean Dalki becomes the heroine of cartoons and movies.

Ajumma couldn't find Dalki online for the longest time because of Korea's jacked up romanization system. Her name is Dalki, but Ajumma was looking under double D because the way it's spelled in Korean. I began to wonder whether I made her up in my head. Another romanization hot mess is the name for Korean's international airport. Prior to the 2002 World Cup Korea updated spellings on its buildings, and Kimpo became Gimpo. GIMPO. Not hot.
But seriously, Dalki is a charming Korean cartoon character (whose name means "strawberry") who gets into adventures with her fruity headed friends. Her image appears on a variety of clothes, trinkets and housewares, and she even has her own theme park in Kyongi province.