Saturday, May 23, 2009

Know this: He screams a lot

I stumbled upon some magazines I'd been saving, today!

In 2004, I was excited to see Christian Bale on the cover of any magazine, since he mainly starred in indie films until that time. Bale, young and beefy, was on the cusp of stardom with his blockbuster Batman. Who knew that stardom would come to mean dance mixes of Christian's temper tantrums?

Also in the Bale issue of Entertainment Weekly was giddy chatter about Heath Ledger's gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. The Oscar-winning drama was scheduled for release the following year.

In 1997, between ads for horrid fur coats and million dollar rings, Gong Li graced Town and Country magazine. Of course, she looked AMAZING. This was the glorious period before Miami Vice, Hannibal Rising and Memoirs of a Geisha. Basically, this was back when Gong Li had a career.

In 1991, Seventeen magazine asked "Where Are They Now?" about actors from '80s movies. It pin points each actor's career high and low points. Since it's 18 years later, I think it's due for an update:

Wil Wheaton
Career high point: Star Trek: Next Generation, as Wesley Crusher
Career low point: Toy Soldiers (even though I saw it in the theater). Cue the Martika song.
What he's doing now: Wil's blogging and writing. He loves the new Star Trek movie.

Corey Feldman
Career high point: The Goonies (It's loved by more people than Stand By Me, so I disagree with Seventeen magazine)
Career low point: Drugs, drugs, drugs. That, or his recent TV show, The Two Coreys with Corey Haim.
What he's doing now: He's vegetarian, holla. Corey's making music and presenting an award to the filmakers of 11th Hour on May 31.

River Phoenix
Career high point: I'm going to say Stand By Me or Mosquito Coast. And hello, he played the original young Indiana Jones.
Career low point: Being dead
Drugs, drugs, drugs! River was an amazing actor and I'm disappointed he didn't stick around to make more films, advocate for animals and shake shit up. I get shivers when he fades away at the end of Stand By Me.
What he's doing now: Not much

Jerry O'Connell
Career high point: Marrying swimsuit model, Rebecca Romijn
Hooray for the fat kid getting the hot girl. If he didn't marry a model, this definitely would have been Jerry's high point.
Career low: He was in the recent Beyonce movie, so I'm going to say THAT.
What he's doing now: Jerry and his wife just had twin girls. He also joined the cast of the movie, Piranha 3-D. He's certainly not allowing himself to be type-cast.