Friday, September 25, 2009

Out and aboot in Vancouver

Vancouver is gorgeous. The skies are expansive, the mountains green and the people fit.

We found that ethnic food in Vancouver rivals that of Los Angeles or San Francisco. There are more restaurants to choose from, and because it's so easy to get around on public transportation or on foot, you see a greater variety of ages dining out.

For basic Korean dishes, I recommend Ma Dang Coul, a small restaurant on the West End near (Denman and Robson). Delicious food, cozy atmosphere, and good Korean pop music.

Vancouver wins Ajumma's prestigious (in my mind) Best Public Restrooms Award. My expectations were extra low considering it's customary to find a lack of warm water, soap, hand towels and/or toilet paper in U.S. restrooms. Ajumma used restrooms all over North, South and Downtown Vancouver and found them well stocked and with warm water in all but one (out of paper towels). Incredible! In this respect, Vancouver is definitely ready for the 2010 Olympics.
My husband was amused by Vancouver's jaunty walker on their traffic signals.

He thinks that the walker on U.S. signals needs a cane.