Friday, September 25, 2009

Vancouver knows cupcakes

#1 Most attractive & most delicious: Coco Cake Cupcakes

We headed to the Blim art market our first day in Vancouver to sample Coco Cake Cupcakes by Lyndsay Sung. I first read about Coco Cupcakes online and was intrigued by Lyndsay's colorful, artistic frosting. I assure you that Coco Cupcakes are the real deal. They're lovely to look at and they taste fabulous! My favorite Coco Cake Cupcake is Lemon Love, a luscious lemon cake topped with lemon creamcheese frosting.

If you love cupcakes and are headed to Vancouver, I strongly recommend checking out Coco Cake Cupcakes site to see where Lyndsay will be.

#2 Fanciful design and good taste: Cupcakes

After reading mediocre reviews for Cupcakes, I dismissed the place. But after repeatedly passing by the shop on Robson, I decided to splurge on a Blue Hawaii cupcake (vanilla cake with baby blue frosting, sprinkled with coconut). Not bad! Light frosting and a tasty cake. It contained so much sugar, however, that I could have lifted a mack truck off a baby and written a ten-page term paper in a flash. I should note that there was always a crowd in Cupcakes. Young women would arrive in droves, holding big shopping bags, and shoulder past each other. I shouted out my Blue Hawaii order like I was working on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. I never once saw a man in Cupcakes.

#3 I'd happily settle for this shop in my hometown

Big City Cupcakes was near closing when I entered, and had only one tray of vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles left. I snatched it up as my husband was heard saying in the background, "I will have to put you through sugar detox when we get home." My verdict is that Big City Cupcakes's frosting is not as delicious as Cupcakes, and not nearly as light and lovely as Coco Cake Cupcakes. However, the cake itself is levels above anything I've found in Los Angeles. Vancouver could teach L.A. a thing or two about how to make and sell cupcakes to the masses. Viva delicious cupcakes and viva Vancouver!