Thursday, November 5, 2009

Clones Vol. 16: Sven Sundgaard & David Bromstad

Sven Sundgaard is a Minnesota weather man who is tan, cute and speaks Norwegian.  I was living in California when he hit the airwaves in 2006, but from what I can gather he caused a major stir among usually mild-mannered Minnesota women.  When I first saw Sven's photo all I could think of was how he looked part Asian.

David Bromstad destroyed competitors on HGTV's original season of Design Star, and went on to star in his own home design series, Color Splash.  (I accidentally called it Colon Splash once in an email to a friend, and that's how it will forever be known.)  David is a hot piece of you-know-what who wields brushes and fabric samples like blazing weapons.  His designs are surprising, fresh and classy, kind of like his on screen personality.  Someone please tell me he's half Asian.

Sven at work.  He's probably talking about cumulus clouds.

David at work, laying color on the walls.  The man can redo my house anytime.  Not only do these two fellows look alike, they're both native Minnesotans.