Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kotatsu time!

Arctic weather is expected to blow into Minnesota this week. The *&%^$#* freezing temps have me longing for warm Korean ondol. There's no feeling like sitting on a toasty floor eating jjigae while snow flies outside. Practically as wonderful as ondol, but less likely to melt your CDs and whatever else is on your floor, is a Japanese kotatsu.

Kotatsu is a special table with an electric heater mounted underneath. A heavy duvet is placed between the table frame and the tabletop. Kotatsu are so commonly used to get the Japanese (who don't have central heat) through winters that Rement released a kotatsu toy.

The warmth and coziness of kotatsu are awesome. Leaving a kotatsu behind, however, can feel like torture. Marukai markets sell square kotatsu for $228.

Kermit's family enjoy their kotatsu together.