Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mark Valley is flexible

Hot damn! I've finally figured out which blonde actor I passed on the waterfront in Vancouver in September. It was Mark Valley doing the splits while waiting for the cameras to roll on his new TV series. (Technically he was stretching his quads, but he was quite into it.) I glanced his way for only a second, so over the past five months I tried to convince myself it was Simon Baker from The Mentalist or Colin Ferguson from Eureka. However, neither of those chaps have the same brilliant blue eyes I remembered. Fox Network recently began running a promo for their new action series, Human Target. The moment I saw Mark Valley's face I screamed, "That's him!" to which my husband calmly replied, "You just think it's him." Mark, his flexible legs, and his ridiculously blue eyes debut in Human Target on Sunday, January 17.