Friday, January 29, 2010

Vietnamese banh mi rolling your way

Mexican taco trucks used to rule the L.A. landscape. They criss-crossed business to business, often stopping in the industrial areas. Customers pour out at break time to buy homemade tacos, breakfast burritos and other grab and go offerings. In 2009, some adventurous, business-minded Asian Americans started the Kogi truck. The Kogi truck serves up a hybrid of Korean and Mexican tacos to the masses, alerting customers where they'll be stationed through Twitter and Facebook. Ajumma's seen the mad love for Kogi's offerings firsthand. It's nuts.

Now the Vietnamese have joined the party. Nom Nom Truck motors around Los Angeles dishing up Vietnamese sandwiches, Asian tacos and Vietnamese coffee. You can even put in a request that they come to your neighborhood or event. Ajumma's only complaint is that Nom Nom's prices are twice high as I'm used to paying for banh mi, but gas isn't free these days. Add boba tea to the menu and you've got me sold!