Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will I die today?

I was innocently eating my cereal while watching music videos, yesterday, when a Humane Society of the United States commercial came on. I held it together while heartbreaking photos of abused and neglected animals flashed past. But when a photo of a white cat appeared asking, "Will I die today?" my tears started pouring. Despite continually making me cry, the HSUS is an amazing organization that eduates people, and protects domestic pets and animals in food, science, and human "entertainment" industries. Ajumma is proud to support HSUS's efforts to end cruelty towards animals.

On a bright note, HSUS reports that Sonic fast food chain has adopted a new policy phasing in eggs from cage-free facilities only, and pork from farms where pigs are not confined to gestation crates. (Gestation cages are tiny metal cages that are so small animals cannot even turn around. It'd be like you or me living in a school locker for months). Hooray for Sonic! This is progress, folks.