Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bronze ain't bad

Apolo Ohno could not hold off the Lees in the 1000 meter short track final, tonight. Lee Jungsu and Lee Hosuk raced past Ohno when he bobbled for a second, just two laps from the finish line. At that moment, the Lees catapulted to hero status all over Korea, where Ohno is viewed as the devil. This hatred stems from the 2002 disqualification of Kim Dongsung from winning Olympic gold, because judges claimed he obstructed Ohno in the 1500 meters. I firmly believe if Satan and Ohno were hanging off a cliff and the Korean people had to save one of them, they'd save Satan. Think about it, the devil never caused Korea to lose a gold medal in the Olympics and he's not half-Japanese (as far as we know).

At the end of the day, Apolo's win in the 1000 meters wouldn't have ended global warming, helped the homeless in Haiti, or improved animal rights. But it would made Ajumma proud. Oh heck, bronze ain't bad and either are the Korean short track skaters.