Sunday, February 14, 2010

♥ Love hurts ♥

HERO (2002) Maggie Cheung is a Qin dynasty assassin who wounds her lover and slips into a showdown where he is facing certain death in his place. Cry-ometer: 3 of 5

BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR (1993) This movie should be titled Don't Trust a Man Any Farther Than You Can Toss Him. Brigitte Lin stars as Lian, a mystical orphan adopted by an evil cult led by creepy Siamese twins. After falling in love with a winsome swordsman Lian decides to leave her cult. She has to face severe physical trials before she can do so, however. As she is undergoing her trials, her lover's clan is ambushed and it is assumed Lian is responsible. When Lian finally comes for her lover, he attacks her along with his remaining clansman. This betrayal transforms Lian into an enraged, white-haired demon woman. I felt this movie in my soul. Cry-ometer: 4 of 5

WINDSTRUCK (2004) Feisty female cop meets a lighthearted, male high school teacher. Despite her being a lose cannon, the male teacher worships her every move. Cop accidentally shoots the teacher dead and feels horrible about it. For good or bad, she can still sense him in the wind. One of my favorite movies of all time. Cry-ometer: 5 of 5

INDOCHINE (1992) This French film is full of tragic love stories. Set in French colonial Vietnam, Indochine follows the emotional love triangle between Eliane (Catherine Deneuve), her French naval officer lover, and her adopted Vietnamese daughter, Camille. Eliane and her officer carry on a steamy affair until he meets Camille, who he saves during a shootout on a street corner. Shortly after their encounter, his passions turn from Eliane to her beautiful daughter. Ouch. Cry-ometer: 1 of 5

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (2000) I rolled my eyes at most of this movie until Chow Yun-Fat's character lay dying and called Michelle Yeoh "my love" in Chinese. Cry-ometer: 2 of 5