Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clones Vol. 17: Justin Bieber and Ryan Sheckler

Justin Bieber's image consultant must have sat down with the 16 year-old Canadian singer and said, "Just imagine if Ryan Sheckler could sing and dance." That's who I see whenever the tween singer dances across my TV screen. Justin's sound, however, is reminiscent of Franki Lymon and Chris Brown, and that gives me the chills. I'd hate to see Bieber turn into a womanizer like Lymon, or a face-biter like Chris Brown.

Some ways to tell the two lads apart is that Ryan Sheckler is a 21 year-old American known for his large diamond-encrusted Red Bull jewelry, is usually found on a skateboard, and is often nursing a broken bone while surrounded by tan models. He also has "SHECKLER" tattooed prominantly across his back, so you can't lose with that one.
If you are unfamiliar with Justin Bieber or Ryan Sheckler, I salute you. You've managed to live under a pop-culture rock for the past year, and you're most likely better for it.