Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Women to cupcakes..."

What visit to Santa Barbara is complete without a stop at Crushcakes Cupcakes? Not exactly sure where Crushcakes was located, my husband and I wandered near State Street until we spotted a gaggle of women. My philosopher husband figured, 'Women to cupcakes like flies to dung.' At Crushcakes we shared a Crushcake (red velvet with sour cream frosting) and a Cookies and Cream cupcakes. Both were delicious; much better than anything I've tasted in Los Angeles, but still inferior to cupcakes I had in Vancouver.

I'm finding that the secret to a satisfying cupcake lies in the frosting. If the frosting is too heavy or sugary, it takes away from experiencing the actual cake. My girlfriend served lightly frosted cupcakes at her recent wedding reception. This saved everyone from sugar headaches and feeling like they had just consumed the whole day's calories in one dessert. Brilliant!