Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweets Bakeshop brings it (and then some)

Sweets Bakeshop in St. Paul, Minnesota puts gourmet cupcake bakeries in L.A. to absolute shame. Today I purchased a Triple Chocolate, a Snowball, and was so nicely given a free Smores cupcake from a Sweets Bakeshop employee, though the flavor wasn't on Saturday's menu. He explained it was on-the-house since the cupcake was a day old. How generous of him since cupcakes often taste best one day old!

The Sweets Bakeshop cupcakes I tasted were moist, flavorful throughout but did not taste artificial, delightfully pretty, possessed pleasant and fun textures, had good consistency and didn't slay me with heavy sugary frosting. (These qualities continually trip up L.A. cupcake shops.)

Biting into the chocolate ganache center of my Sweets Smores graham cupcake seriously made me feel like I had scored a home run. My husband, who is generally dismissive of cupcakes, proclaimed his Snowball "delicious" and enjoyed the frosting the best of all. If Sweets Bakeshop can please a picky cupcake connoisseur and a bored spouse, they're headed to the top of the gourmet bakery scene.