Monday, September 20, 2010

Grill 'Em All kills it

Grill 'Em All smacked up, flipped, and rubbed down the seemingly invincible Nom Nom team on the Great Food Truck Race, last night, winning the $50,000 grand prize. I personally cheered on the Nommers (as Grill Em All referred to them) until they passed up their Truck Stop challenge in Santa Fe and had a professional butcher slice their quarter cow in Fort Worth. The other teams (most of them equally clueless and armed only with tiny knives) butchered their meat themselves.

I'll say this, team Nom Nom is hard working and very cute. Plus every very episode left me wanting a banh mi sandwich.

Ajumma felt sad to see Spencer on the Go, the French truck team, eliminated in the finals. Considering they peddled snails and frog legs to the average joe on the street, they lasted a surprisingly long time. This might be due to their restauranteur savy and French accents. I enjoyed watching their silent member, Jesse, start a fire in seconds with his boy scout training, during the chuck wagon challenge.

Final note: Unlike Justin Willman of Cupcake Wars, chef Tyler Florence of the Great Food Truck Race makes a more dignified and non-obtrusive TV host.