Friday, September 3, 2010

Magic, the cheapest-looking video ever

MTV premiered B.o.B. and River Cuomo's Magic video online, last night. It looks like some amateur video my cousins and I shot around our house in the 1980's, minus all the scantily clad women. Not only is it poorly acted, but B.o.B. and Rivers aren't shown dancing on beat. They should have featured child versions of Rivers and B.o.B. thrilling the masses at nursery school with a magic show. Or how about Rivers and B.o.B. hanging out, going through a wacky day in Los Angeles? I envision the two musicians running into Nicholas Cage at a sushi restaurant and the actor doing some crazy sorcerer magic on them. He could wave his hands, then suddenly Rivers would be dressed as a hip hop star with tripped out Nikes and B.o.B. turns into a nerdy rocker wearing thick black spectacles.