Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunny Santa Monica bungalow: Bring $$$

I'd like to shake the hand of whoever led the renovation of this 1946 bungalow in Santa Monica. The space is clean and modern, yet seems perfectly fitted to a vintage home. It's rare these days not to find orange slate covering the bathroom walls, colonial cabinets in the kitchen, and oversized Pottery Barn lighting throughout.

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is 1135 feet on a 1999 foot lot. It features new electrical, plumbing and a new roof. It also has inside laundry and one covered parking spot. While it includes central heat, the home has no air conditioning. This might not be a huge issue since it's near the beach. Is this beautiful property worth the asking price of $935,000? You decide.

The upper windows are a nice touch

Love this light-filled kitchen with a skylight

The upper cabinets are a good place to put those wedding gifts you asked for, but never got around to actually using.

Stylish main bathroom, though these homeowners apparently haven't seen the Mythbusters episode examining how far toilet water travels when a toilet is flushed.

Master bedroom with a walkout

How cool are these European style sinks matched with round mirrors? A plant in the bathroom is all I ask from this space.

Ever since showering in them at several college apartments, Ajumma's hated clawfoot tubs. I dislike how you need two shower curtains to keep the water in. Plus they're just plain creepy. Add them to my phobia list, along with pregnant women.

I dig the roof latice, but wonder who sets up chairs (in the plantings, no less) and stares at their stucco wall. Regardless, I love this home and would embrace the bougie lifestyle of Santa Monica if I had a cool million. Browse the bungalow listing , here.