Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Song Hye-Gyo's plastic surgery

Her new look, above. Her original look, below.

Song Hye-Gyo, one of Korea's prettiest actresses, is headed down the road of no return. The twenty-nine year-old television and movie star, famous for her high cheekbones, delicate features, and oval face, looks subtley different in her Fall 2010 photo campaign for clothing company Roem. I'd guess that Hye-Gyo's surgeon injected fat into her cheeks for a more youthful appearance and botox into her forehead and around her mouth. I sense that the tip of her nose is slightly plumped, too. Of course Song Hye-Gyo's still beautiful, but I hope she stops now while she's ahead. It's probably tough going with so many young, attractive actresses waiting in the wings.  See Song Hye-Gyo and her new face in Roem's Fall 2010 photoshoot, here.