Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buddha says, "No Eichler for you!"

If I were Buddhist, I'd say I must have done some nasty craziness in my past life not to have a house like this one in the present.  Behold Hunter and Casie's Concord, California Eichler home featured on Apartment Therapy.

Ajumma used to live and breathe Eichlers.  We're talking books, magazine articles, online research and even dragging my husband to open houses on weekends.  Hunter and Casie's house may be the nicest interior renovation I've ever seen.

 Classy and clean, but not sterile

My sister-in-law has this same bench at the foot of her bed.  While it looks awesome, I can tell you it hurts your buttcheeks to sit on it.  Regardless, way to go Hunter and Casie!  Read more about their home renovation on their blog Redneck Modern.

Marty, their cranky cat