Friday, November 26, 2010

Clones Vol. 21: Jay Chou & John Cho

There's a new Cho in town!  Actually, his name is Chou.  Jay Chou is a popular Taiwanese singer and actor who stars alongside Seth Rogen in the upcoming The Green Hornet movie.  Chou plays the Hornet's sidekick (literally), Kato, a role originated by Bruce Lee.

When the movie trailer played during the Thanksgiving Cowboys game, I suggested to my in-laws that we see The Green Hornet, and added that Jay Chou plays Kato.  My husband bet I was the only one in the room who knows Jay Chou.  My brother-in-law countered that Jay Chou is the guy from the White Castle movie.  WRONG! When I said that is John Cho, everyone laughed.  It's both sad and funny when Asians can't tell other Asians apart. 

Watch The Green Hornet trailer, here.