Sunday, November 28, 2010

How do you spell studs? J-e-f-f- and H-e-a-t-h

According to Chictopia, this long legged motorcycle mama is wearing a Heath Kirchart flannel shirt by Emerica (and $940 Marc Jacobs boots).  I'm always finding news out after it's happened, but...

Heath Kirchart, skateboarder, face-slammer (because he's a charger, bless his soul) Iowa business owner, and Harley-Davidson fiend, recently retired from pro skateboarding and pedaled across the U.S. with his friend Jeff Vallee on a bicycle.

If you like travelogues, you will love Jeff's day-by-day blog of their adventure bicycling from California to New York.  It's like Thelma and Louise meets Rick Steves, meets Dumb and Dumber (Jeff's words, not mine).  And seriously, you have to see what Heath wore on the trip. 

Check out We're Really Doing It (pics via the blog).