Friday, January 7, 2011

Little House on the Scary

Ajumma used to obsess over the TV series Little House on the Prairie (1974-1983).  I'd watch reruns about the plucky pioneer family and pretend with girlfriends to be Mary and Laura Ingalls. I liked their gingham dresses, their loft bedroom, the creek in the front yard. If my friends' moms were cool they'd play along as Walnut Grove's shop owner, Nels Oleson. Or they were uncool like my mom, they'd refuse to even let us call them Ma. Despite fun adventures and family love, Little House wasn't all apple pie and fiddle solos. Here's my list of most disturbing episodes:

-When Ma develops tetanus and almost cuts her leg off
-When Laura's friend is molested by the masked guy in the barn
-When the old man living in the shack sets his house ablaze while inside
-When Laura wishes that her new baby brother would die and he does
-When someone tosses puppies in a burlap sack into a lake
-When a woman whose daughter died goes crazy and claims Laura as her own
-When the blind school catches fire killing Alice and Mary's baby
-When Laura's grandpa shoots Laura's horse Bunny