Thursday, April 14, 2011

Burt Reynolds and I have the same taste in architecture

The other day I watched Burt Reynolds in the Nascar comedy Stroker Ace and found him mildly attractive.  I think this is a somewhat disturbing sign of me getting older.  I've also found myself appreciating Tom Petty's music lately.  Either I'm aging or my inner redneck is starting to show.

Speaking of Burt Reynolds, his Beverly Hills midcentury home is on the market for $10,900,000. The four bedroom, four bath property was constructed in 1967 and promises incredible views.  I'd like to imagine it's a steel beam home ala Raphael Soriano. Say what you will about Burt Reynolds, the man has good taste in architecture. I just wish his agent included photos of the kitchen.  See the Redfin listing here.