Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Twin Peaks fashion

Guess who is on a Twin Peaks bender?  I'm forever intrigued by the 1950's meets 80's, collides with woodsy 90's fashion on the series.  How about this sassy twist on Audrey Horne's saddle shoes?

Actor Chris Pine channels both of Laura Palmer's boyfriends, biker James Hurley and bad boy quarterback, Bobby Briggs, wearing plaid.

What would Twin Peaks be without 1950s cardigans?

Liz Taylor would have felt at home in Twin Peaks with her dark waves.  Those women without lovely 1950's dos suffered from big 1980's hair.
Hello Maddie and top of the morning to you, Log Lady!

Ever notice how Laura's best friend Donna always wore oversized sweaters?

Pencil skirts and
 ...red lipstick were must-haves in Twin Peaks!