Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tiki and his glamazon

Former NFL Running Back Tiki Barber is engaged to the young woman (10 years his junior) he left his 8 months pregnant wife for in 2009.  The fact his mistress interned at Tiki's workplace of NBC, was 23, and that his wife was lugging around his twin girls in utero, transformed Tiki from stud to schmuck in the minds of many.  I'll give him this, it's not often a man is willing to to be outshone in the height department by their girlfriends.  Most men seem to prefer it more like Tiki and his diminutive wife Ginny Cha (they're not divorced yet). For those who predicted karma would someday bite Tiki in the rear, you'll be happy to hear he staged a comeback recently, but NFL teams told the 36 year-old no thank you. Photo via IFN Daily