Sunday, November 6, 2011

Paying respects to Bruce and Brandon Lee

At 8:45 on misty Seattle morning we wound our way up Capital Hill and came to stop in front of Lakeview Cemetary.  A security guard was opening the gates of the grassy property which sits in a neighborhood of historic homes overlooking Union Bay.  "Are you here to visit Bruce and Brandon?" he asked us.  In a welcoming way he told us how to locate their graves and mentioned people had left momentos on their stones the previous day.

We managed to jumble the guard's directions, but I spotted Brandon's black stone from the road.  Sure enough there were flowers, pennies and pumpkins left by fans.  Stones from other families sat right up next to Bruce's burial site.  It was a rather humble place to find a cultural legend.  We lay a photo of our beloved guinea pig Bruce on Bruce Lee's gravestone, and paid our respects to the martial artist and his son. I wished I had a decent bouquet of flowers and incense to leave for them.

We hope in a future trip to Seattle we will be able to visit a Bruce Lee museum.