Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things I wish I could tell my 19 year-old self

I will soon turn 36. I'm no old sage,  but as an ajumma I've come to realize a few things in life.  If I could go back in time to chat with my college freshman self, here's the wisdom I'd drop:

Study hard in Math.  Take real math classes.  Get a tutor.  Drink it in until it comes naturally, otherwise you'll be having nightmares about math finals 20 years later and will fear retaking the GRE.

Date A LOT.  Date different guys, not just long-term boyfriends.  Date across the spectrum.  Men are like countries with unique histories, customs, and points of interest.  Get out there and experience the world!

Think about where your food comes from.  The food industry is a thinly veiled world of animal abuse and you're a direct consumer.  Open your eyes.

Work out and be active. You might be skinny now, but you can't eat cake at midnight for ever.  If you get active in college it won't seem like such a chore in your 30s.  Also, stop wearing boy clothes.

Learn to speak Korean. Sure, there's no one you can speak with now, but someday it will come in very handy.  You'll be able to have actual conversations with people in your birth country instead of sounding like a cavewoman.  Japanese is fun and all, but it's not where you came from or where you're going to.

Try snowboarding.  He asked you to and you said no, because it's his thing.  Maybe it's yours, too.  First snowboarding, then surfing.  Then motorcycling. Then the accordion!