Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kia Soul's hamsters roll out

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Cruising through Santa Barbara in a Kia Soul, I came to a stop where a man pointed to my rental vehicle and shouted to his young son, "Look at the hamster car!"  This got me thinking about the mixed success of the Kia Soul rapping hamster campaign.  Yes, Kia's hamsters are amusing and memorable, but does a company really want consumers associating their car with captive rodents who dwell in tiny cages and eat their young when under stress?  That said, seeing the hamsters at the Twin Cities Auto Show was a treat.  Usually I run through Kia's section, but this year my husband and I took photos and perused at their compact cars.  The 2012 Kia Soul starts at $13,900. Watch Kia's hamsters rock it out here.