Saturday, April 28, 2012

Black bean noodles not for beginners?

My friends and I dined at a local Korean restaurant last night. Six of us ordered fairly run of the mill meals like bulgogi, jap chae, bi bim bap and rice cake soup.  When my girlfriend tried to order jja jang myun, however, the waiter stopped her. He told her the black bean noodle dish is not recommended for beginners. The waiter suggested she order bi bim bap,instead. She did, because she figured the waiter is more experienced in Korean cuisine.  I'm still on the fence whether the waiter is just in detouring new customers away from black bean noodles.  Is jja jang myun freakier than other Korean dishes?  I mean, this same waiter let another friend, who is obviously not Korean, order fermented bean soup the last time we were at the restaurant.

Photo via Korean Food Gallery