Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'd totally live here: Hong Kong

I could make myself very comfortable in this 560 square foot apartment in Hong Kong.  The one bedroom, one bath rental costs $26,000 Hong Kong Dollars per calendar month.  I believe the conversion amounts to about $3352 U.S. dollars monthly.

Thumbs up to the white walls and floors, windows on both sides of the flat, and the deep window sills.  They would be perfect for plants.  I'd likely upgrade to a larger fridge, though.

Looking at the small scale furniture staged in these wide angle photos, I can tell this apartment is TINY.  But I lived with my husband and three guinea pigs in an apartment this size, so I know it can be done.

I'd lose the bulky black bookcase and replace it with a colorful Eames coat rack.

How nice to have a washer in the unit.  True to Asia, there's no dryer though, which means renters will see a lot of their drying rack. Also, there's no oven in the kitchen. This did not affect my life one bit when I lived in Korea, but it may be disappointing to avid bakers.

This apartment has a spacious flow, unlike choppy, segmented apartments in traditional Asian high rises.

The beige bathroom leaves me feeling blah, but I like the ceramic fixtures.  The window in the shower is a nice touch, too.  I'd switch out the mirror to something cleaner-looking right away.

Why does the decor suddenly go from modern to Country French in the bedroom?  I think an armoire like this Ikea unit is more suitable for the space.

The only major drawback to this apartment is there are no trees or signs of nature visible from the windows.  I love big cities, but not seeing any trees or plants makes me feel boxed in and cut off from nature, especially if living 30 stories off of the ground.

In the big picture, real estate in Hong Kong is tight and mega expensive.  If I were to live in a flat under 600 feet in I'd want it to be a clean, blank slate like this Hong Kong apartment.  To see the listing for this (rented!) apartment, visit Home Net.