Thursday, November 28, 2013


I'm thankful for...

  • My able body
  • My ability to verbally communicate my wants and needs
  • My parents and extended family (my brother, my dozens of cousins, and Great Aunt Doris)
  • My man
  • People who are thoughtful of and compassionate to animals
  • People who volunteer and help those less fortunate
  • My friends of all ages
  • My job, and the privilege of not having to work multiple jobs
  • My kind neighbors and anyone who calls out hello to me
  • My car (Damn you are fun, little red car.  You are fast and lithe, and you shine like a beacon in every parking lot.)
  • Clean drinking water and the ability to drink from the tap!
  • Asian American Youtubers
  • Jeremy Lin
  • Living in a country where people can protest and demonstrate
  • Seeing a variety of races when I step outside my door
  • Beautiful weather in Southern California
  • Mountains and the ocean
  • People who do unseen grunt work in life that makes mine more comfortable and carefree
  • My two white hairs and the fact I don't have a trillion of them
  • My dog, Cooper