Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beauty secrets by Ajumma

A person like me dispensing beauty advice is like Quasimodo offering advice on good posture.  However, I've come across a product that so far has offered only GOOD HAIR DAYS so I want to share it with the world.  This hair product is not tested on animals so if you believe in kindness, karma, or the slight possibility of going to heaven, this product is up your alley. Behold, Neuma Moisture Intensive Masque!

I first came across Neuma Moisture Intensive Masque as a sample packet from my local salon.  I now use it once every two weeks or whenever I feel my locks need a boost.  I apply it in the shower like I would any regular conditioner.  My hair is somewhat course, full, and wavy. If I don't blow dry after washing it my hair becomes a gigantic puffy helmet of brownness. With 100% sincerity, Neuma Moisture Intensive Masque makes my hair smooth, manageable, and shiny.  I don't know what it offers people with hair unlike my own, but those with similar hair will agree Neuma ought to rename their product, Neuma Best Damn Hair on the Block Intensive Moisture Masque.

Here's a bizarre tip that I swear works: Rub a teensy amount of Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Conditioner across your brows after showering.  They'll look fuller within a few weeks.