Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who are my people?

  • People who know the cruelty of factory farms and other “luxury” foods like veal and foie gras, and choose not support them
  • People who make the extra effort to purchase non-animal tested products
  • People who use their turn signals
  • Asian Americans who grew up in the States
  • Koreans, especially middle-class or down on their luck folks trying to get ahead
  • Minnesotans and most other Midwesterners (except Packers fans)
  • Lutherans
  • Scandinavian and German Americans
  • People who spent summers at the lake
  • People with good senses of direction
  • People who enter a space and immediately start redecorating it in their mind
  • Homely Asian women
  • People with terrible skin
  • Binge eaters
  • Non-smokers
  • People who are called fat by Asians
  • People who have outspoken mother-in-laws
  • People who are good with plants
  • People who respect and are compassionate to animals
  • People who see black, white, and a large amount of gray
Who are your people?