Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Things I don't like about "Jurassic World" (SPOILERS!!!)

If The Rock was still The Rock from the year 2000 I would have watched his flick, San Andreas, yesterday.  However, neither The Rock nor I are the same people we were 15 years ago so my friend and I settled on seeing Jurassic World, instead.  My friend jumped every time a dinosaur took a booming step or a dinosaur took a swipe and ate someone. 

Things I liked about Jurassic World:  (SPOILERS)
  • Jake Johnson (from New Girl) working the main control room
  • Bryce Dallas Howard running in pumps.  We all know women who can haul ass in heels.  I don't find it too far-fetched
  • The pterodactyls soaring in the air and swooping down to grab people
  • The park goers losing their minds over the incoming pterodactyls
  • When the geo-modified evil dinosaur (GMED) stepped on people
Things I did not like about Jurassic World: (MORE SPOILERS)
  • The two child characters.  They were horribly written.  The younger brother seriously needed to be stepped on.  Writers should have made the characters kids of a rich investor or something like that.
  • The scene where Chris Pratt comforted a dying brontosaurus. The scene was over the top.
  • In Jurassic Park, the T-Rex was the ultimate bad guy.  The entire movie involved people running for their lives.  Yet in Jurassic World, Bryce Dallas Howard lets out a T-Rex to fight the GMED.  Then people smiled and congratulated themselves after the fight even though THE T-REX WAS UNCONSTRAINED AND FREE ROAMING.  What's changed people?
  • Preachy messages like, "when you have kids" and "they're worth it, I promise." Judy Greer's character (the one pressuring Bryce Dallas Howard to have kids) cried through the whole movie. Yeah, lady.  You have kids and you look really happy.