Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Booty Has Landed!

Beyonce touched down in Seoul, this week, where she'll perform two shows at the Olympic Stadium. Here she's seen receiving flowers from a little girl in a traditional Korean hanbok. I'd imagine that Beyonce has quite a few demands before making public appearances. Among them is probably that no one be allowed to make her appear a baffoon. Thus, Beyonce escaped being stuffed into a Korean dress and paraded in front of the media. Korean traditional clothing can be incredibly beautiful and elegant, but for some reason when foreignors visit handlers put them in the gawdiest getups available. Here are some other celebrities who came to Seoul and forgot to put the clause in their contracts:


Venus Williams

The Black Eyed Peas ( looks extra pissed)

And the "Ugliest Hanbok Ever Award" goes to....pop singer, Amerie (seen here with her mom)!