Thursday, November 29, 2007

Men, Never Complain About Your Bad Hair Days.

Just be thankful you're not Kelly Slater! Am I shallow? Am I vain? Yes and yes! So I can totally understand how agonizing it must be for Kelly to lose his gorgeous thick brown locks and become a regular old bald surfer. (He's never been known for his sparkling personality...mostly for his looks and the fact he can ride a chunk of fiberglass pretty well.) Kelly used to be so hot that it would burn people's eyes if they gazed at him.

Now he looks like someones semi-hot, bald uncle that you wish you knew when he was in high school.

You're thinking that it could be worse for Kelly. He could be a newborn calf ripped from his mother, forced to stand for days in a decrepit pen so small that he cannot even turn around, only to be slaughtered as veal. Or he could lie helpless on a cot in Vietnam suffering from the crippling birth defects of Agent Orange. Yes to all these things. At least the bastard can still surf!